Why is osteoporosis an important public-health issue?

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The new reports on Osteoporosis from the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) have brought different recognition from various spheres of life from different countries and society.

Why is osteoporosis an important public-health issue?

The spotlight is now on the impact of fractures in the spine or the wrist or hip bones and there are different health professionals who deal with such patients and find the issues are becoming more and more important for the general people to be aware of. There are serious under diagnosis and serious ignorance resulting in lack of proper treatment for such patients.

The resultant of the spinal and hip fractures and other bone damages leave people in severe pain and major deformation of the body structure and a high risk factor for the particular bones getting fractured in future. These are observed by the specialists who work with such patients and have seen how they suffer.

Fixed Risk Factors of Osteoporosis
The fixed risk factors are age and gender and the most important – the family history.
• Age – The young and healthy bones are replaced faster as soon as the bones become loose in density. The replacement slows down as age grows and the body fails to replace the bones as quickly as before. Bones thins and results in the Osteoporosis.
• Hormones – Estrogen in female’s helps in bone strength and the level of estrogen drops as female’s age and so the bones are weaker as the age increases. This rate of loss is less in men and so men gets this disease in smaller cases.
• Genetics – men and women who have a family history for this disease are more prone to this disease and get the lower density of the bone tissues from an earlier stage of life.
There are different factors that can be controlled to keep such disease under control. These are modifiable factors and some of them are –
• Diet – You can get this disease if you do not have enough calcium, phosphorous, amino acid and proteins in your diet. The vitamin D and Calcium rich diet will help you to repair the bones and give them enough strength.
• Exercise – Weight bearing and strength regaining exercises will give result in making the bones strong and prevent the onset of this disease.
• Drinking and Smoking – Over indulgence in different drinking and smoking habits can help in the disease and so if you stop smoking and control drinking, it can give you a better life in this aspect.

The drug therapies are the only help for the different osteoporosis patients this can prevent new fractures of the spines by 30% to 70% for women in post-menopausal period.

The same can be said for men of the same age group and physicians suggest that one should take proper supplementation of food that is rich in vitamin D and Calcium.

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