Teeth Sensitivity And More

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Teeth sensitivity is a condition where you suffer from discomfort when you eat something hot, cold or sour. This condition is quite painful as the person experiences a sharp stinging pain in the teeth and the sensation can last for hours together.

Teeth Sensitivity
Teeth Sensitivity

Many people suffer from tooth sensitivity and it is estimated that nearly 20 percent of adults after the age of 20 experience this condition. Besides tooth decay, sensitivity is one of the most common dental problems that people suffer from.

This condition usually starts when the lower portion of the teeth, which is covered by the gums, is exposed. Usually this happens due to gum recession exposing the roots of the teeth which are highly sensitive as they are not covered by enamel. There are many reasons for sensitivity and some of them are brushing too hard, using hard bristle toothbrush and excessive brushing.

Even excessive use of over-the-counter whitening mouthwash has been linked to tooth sensitivity. While there are many mouthwashes that claim to help with whitening of teeth, it has been seen that tooth sensitivity and whitening mouthwash are inter-connected. Prolonged use of whitening mouthwash can lead to sensitivity and this has something to do with the ingredients present in the mouthwash.

Most mouthwashes are acidic and high levels can expose the protective layer of teeth’s roots leading to tooth sensitivity. Basically the acidic chemicals in the mouthwash eat away the dentin and can cause gum recession leading the root to be exposed. So, each time you eat or drink hot, cold or sour things, you experience pain in the teeth affected.

Having sensitive teeth is common. Around the world, it is estimated that approximately half of the whole population suffers from tooth sensitivity. This means that one out of two people suffers from some form hot or cold sensitive teeth. The fact that tooth sensitivity comes and goes over periods of time explains why so many people suffer from it.

The pain from sensitive teeth occurs during drinking or eating cold or hot food, eating sweets, hard food, and acidic food, touching the teeth with the tongue, other teeth, or other objects such as toothbrushes, and breathing cold air. People suffering from pain should seek inmediate sensitive teeth treatment with a professional and use sensitive teeth toothpaste.

There are two main types of sensitive teeth whitening treatments, classified based on the area of the teeth affected. The first type occurs when the middle layer or dentin of a tooth is exposed. The dentin is normally covered by enamel right above the gum line, and by cementum right below the gum line.

Common causes for the wearing away of the dentin are brushing the teeth too hard and using hard toothbrushes. poor or improper oral hygiene that allows plaque and tartar build-up on the gum line and/or untreated dental cavities exposed, cracking, or leaking tooth fillings. To avoid teeth sensitivity due to exposed dentin, avoid those situations as much as possible.

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