Osteoporosis symptoms

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Osteoporosis is a disease which is associated with bones and its increased risk of fracture. One of the main reasons for the cause of Osteoporosis is due to the lack of bone mineral density which is less than the standards prescribed by the medical associations.

This article speaks about the various symptoms attached with Osteoporosis and quick measures that can be taken to prevent the same.

Osteoporosis symptoms
Osteoporosis symptoms

The first and the foremost symptom of Osteoporosis is the increased risk involved in having bone fractures. The fractures occurred by Osteoporosis can also be considered as fragility fractures.

The symptoms to identify the same are when a person with a healthy body faces a fracture in his bones due to the reduction in the bone mineral density.

Fractures are the main symptoms caused due to Osteoporosis. The fractures that could be caused due to Osteoporosis can also occur without any signs or symptoms. In the elderly people, it could occur with a cardiac pain.

In its further stages, it could cause disability and mortality at an early age. A fracture which is a severe blow to a person is compressional fracture. This is a type of fracture which results in collapse of the bones of the vertebrae. There are high chances of this fracture in Osteoporosis patients due to the weakening of bones.

The nerves in this region could also get affected leading to a severe pain. The weakening of the back bone leads to stooped posture and loss of height. The mobility of the person is affected due to a weak backbone.

The risk factors related to Osteoporosis in a person depends upon his age, gender, weight, BMD, alcohol usage etc. In medical sciences there are surgeries to solve the problem, but the risk factors are associated with the same.

As a person ages, the risk of losing balance and falling is high. The fall at the elderly age can cause fractures in legs, wrist and hips. The increased risk involved in falling as one ages is because of many factors such as poor eyesight, dementia and others.

To avoid Osteoporosis, one can avoid the use of loose carpets, and the obstacles in the way can be removed. Taking these simple measures can avoid great risks.

There are many disorders and diseases associated with Osteoporosis. Taking the right preventive measures such as avoiding alcohol and tobacco, consuming food with good vitamins can be done to improve the bone mineral density to avoid Osteoporosis.

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