Which Is Better? Electric Toothbrush Vs Manual Toothbrush

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A lot of people nowadays prefer using an electric toothbrush over manually brushing their teeth on a regular basis. This is a wise choice considering there have been studies conducted that prove an electric toothbrush is more effective at brushing over manual and better overall good dental health is achieved.

However, manual brushing is highly effective too but best results lies with the user by executing proper brushing technique and the quality of the toothbrush used. Put simply, there are obvious and proven benefits a consumer will get from an electric toothbrush that a traditional toothbrush can’t give.

Electric Toothbrush Vs Manual Toothbrush
Electric Toothbrush Vs Manual Toothbrush

Main Advantages of electric toothbrushes

One of the main differences between a traditional brush and electric brush is that the latter is battery or electricity operated. This gives it the capability of performing various cleaning motions such as oscillating, pulsating and rotary motions, to ensure more thorough cleaning of the teeth. The oscillating version is favored to be the best electric toothbrush choice. Since an electric toothbrush will do the brushing for you, all there is left for you to do is to hold it and apply the proper amount of pressure, but not too much.  Since most good quality brands are already equipped with a pressure sensor, it eliminates the worry of applying to much or too little pressure during brushing. Not only does an electric toothbrush give better results, but it also makes the chore of brushing your teeth quicker and easier.

Getting the best out of manual brushing

If you’re the kind of person who likes to do things the traditional way, then manual toothbrush is not be a problem since you can get optimum cleaning as long as you apply the proper brushing routine prescribed by dentists.

Brushing at least twice a day, morning and night before bed, is enough to give you a strong set of teeth. It is recommended that we brush our teeth for at least two minutes but unfortunately, not everyone follows this rule. Electric toothbrushes however, are sometimes equipped with a timer thus, making it easier for you to keep track on the number of minutes you are cleaning your teeth. If you choose the manual method though, it’s just a matter of keeping an eye on the brushing duration.

Aside from the difference in the cleaning power offered by the two kinds of toothbrushes, another obvious difference is their aesthetics and the convenience they offer. Electric brushes for obvious reasons can be a lot heavier on the pocket than a traditional toothbrush. But while manual brushes can only last you for a few months, electric toothbrushes can last you for years by only requiring you to replace its brush heads when necessary.

Electric Toothbrush Vs Manual Toothbrush image

With the latest innovations applied in the manufacturing of electric toothbrushes nowadays, you no longer have to drag with you odd shaped and bulky electronic toothbrushes every time you travel. Although carrying a manual toothbrush is still more convenient than an electric toothbrush, there are now available electric brushes that are sleek and compact in design, easy enough to take on travels.

In our opinion and with the studies done on electric toothbrush vs manual, we prefer and recommend using an electric toothbrush. Of course manual brushing is very effective too and it can be a personal choice in deciding to brush the more common manual way.

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