Causes of osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones of the affected person are very porous and low in quality. There are various problems related to the same.

The symptoms of the disease are not present in most of the patients suffering from this disease. It is evident only during a fracture and these symptoms too are very common to fracture. The presence of the disease can be known only with the help of a diagnosis.

The causes for the osteoporosis is varied and various people can get it for different reasons.

Causes of osteoporosis
Causes of osteoporosis

The fist and the most common cause is the menopause in women. The estrogen level in the women drops to low levels during this time. This drop in the estrogen makes their bones very weak and vulnerable to the disease.

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The bone quality decreases by 5 to 10 percent in the first 5 years of the menopause phase. The degrading worsens to 25 percent in the later years. Thus, the osteoporosis disease is very prominent in women than in men.

However, the symptoms in both are the same. There is more risk in women. The mere fact of being a female gender can cause this disease.

Another cause to the osteoporosis is being an Asian. The disease is known to be very prominent in the Asian race. The thin and body frame is also another problem to cause this disease.

Thin people have more risk of developing this disease, as the quality of the bone density is very low. The main reason they are thin is due to the low mineral content in the bone. Osteoporosis is occurs in the bones which are deficient in these minerals.

osteoporosis Before vs after bone image
osteoporosis Before vs after bone image

Another cause is genetic inheritance. If a person has osteoporosis, he may have inherited it from his family genes. Any of his ancestors having the disease can give it to him.

It is not necessary that only his parents should have the disease. Any of his maternal or paternal uncles or aunts having this problem will increase his risk of getting the disease. Smoking and high alcohol consumption will also lead to this disease.

These are the culprits for many types of diseases. A diet, which is low on calcium, is also a cause. Calcium is very much needed for the development of the bone and the right development is necessary to prevent this disease. Thus, one should have a proper diet for the bones and the entire body.

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